Caramel reviews The Dragonet Prophecy (Book One of Wings of Fire) by Tui Sutherland

Caramel got into the Wings of Fire series through the graphic novels path. He has already read and reviewed for the book bunnies blog the four books published as graphic novels: see his reviews of  The Dragonet Prophecy, The Lost Heir, The Hidden Kingdom, and The Dark Secret. However, the graphic novels did not go far enough, and Caramel already knew there were a lot more books in the series. So this week he finally took the plunge and read The Dragonet Prophecy, the book that started the whole series. Below he shares his thoughts on this book with Sprinkles, who is asking questions and taking notes.

Caramel reviews The Dragonet Prophecy (Book One of Wings of Fire) by Tui Sutherland.
Caramel reviews The Dragonet Prophecy (Book One of Wings of Fire) by Tui Sutherland.

Sprinkles: So Caramel, I see you finally took the plunge and began to read the actual Wings of Fire books.

Caramel: Yes.

S: Why did you do that?

C: Because they did not yet publish them all as graphic novels. I am still waiting on my copy of the fifth book in the series. But there are actually at least fourteen books and I can’t wait that long for all of them to be made into graphic novels!

S: Hmm, so you are an impatient little one.

C: Yes.

S: So I know you already had read this book as a graphic novel. What was it like to revisit the same story, this time written as a standard novel?

C: It was interesting. It is practically the same story, which makes sense of course, but there are some differences.

S: What kind of differences?

C: In the novel, Dune has only three legs, and in the graphic novels he has four. And in the graphic novel version he does not have a scar on his wing. Also there are some more events in this one. In the graphic novel they do not go behind the waterfall, but here they do.

S: Hmm, so these seem like not too big a deal to me. The story was generally the same then, right?

C: Practically the same.

S: So tell our readers briefly what the story is so if they have not read the graphic novel or your review of it yet, they can still get something out of this review.

C: Well, I’d assume they could just read my review of the graphic novel, but here you go: there are five young dragons, called dragonets, dragonets of destiny, are captured by Queen Scarlet, and .. hmm I should not spoil that.

S: So what is the prophecy again?

C: The prophecy is a long poem at the very beginning of the book. Here it is:

When the war has lasted 20 years …
the dragonets will come.
When the land is soaked with blood and tears…
the dragonets will come.

Find the SeaWing egg of deepest blue.
Wings of night will come to you.
The largest egg in mountains high
will give to you the wings of sky.
For wings of earth, search through the mud,
for an egg the color of dragon blood.
And hidden alone from the rival queens,
the SandWing egg waits unseen.

Of three queens who blister and blaze and burn,
two shall die and one shall learn
if she bows to a fate that is stronger and higher,
she’ll have the powers of wings of fire.

Five eggs to hatch on brightest night,
Five dragons born to end the fight.
Darkness will rise to bring the light.
The dragonets are coming ….

The Dragonet Prophecy
Caramel is reading The Dragonet Prophecy (Book One of Wings of Fire) by Tui Sutherland.
Caramel is reading The Dragonet Prophecy (Book One of Wings of Fire) by Tui Sutherland.

S: That is a neat poem Caramel. So the story is about those five young dragons who are expected to “end the fight”?

C: Yes exactly. This is a really cool series. In fact while we were talking, we found that short trailer about the whole series. Maybe we can embed that video here.

S: Okay, let us give that a try:

“Wings of Fire” video by Scholastic from YouTube.

S: That does look neat Caramel. So would you recommend this book to anyone who only read the graphic novels?

C: Yes. I think it is really a good way to meet our old friends in this new way. And then I am looking forward to reading all the books in the series. I am not going to have to wait for all the graphic novels.

S: But I have a feeling you will still want to read the graphic novel versions as those come out.

C: Of course! I love looking at the pictures in the graphic novels. They are so cool!

S: It seems this book also has some illustrations.

C: Yes. They are all black and white, but there are sketches of all the different dragons.

S: Is it kind of like the sketches in How to Train Your Dragon series?

C: Not quite. In the How to Train Your Dragon series, the illustrations are a bit funnier, they are sort of obviously hand-drawn. These ones on the other hand look a lot more realistic, kind of like you were reading a book about dinosaurs, but about dragons instead.

S: I see. And there are some decorations and maps at the beginning. It does indeed look neat. I read that there is a bit more violence in these original books than there was in the graphic novels. Did you think so?

C: Yeah I guess. I guess the fights are more vicious in the original story.

S: I see. But you do not see the gore, you read about it.

C: Yeah, thankfully. And I still like the book. The story is still awesome. And if it gets a bit too much, I can always skip that part.

S: Did you need to skip a lot of parts?

C: No, actually I read all of it, except there is one violent scene, where Queen Scarlet… Wait, I am not telling. But in any case, I skipped that paragraph.

S: I see. Would you recommend this book to little bunnies like yourself then?

C: Yes but maybe their parents or other adults might want to look at it too to see if the little ones can handle things.

S: Thanks for that warning Caramel. I think you are ready to dive right into the next book. Aren’t you?

C: Yep.

S: Then what would you like to tell our readers as we wrap up this review?

C: Stay tuned for more book bunny reviews!

Caramel enjoyed reading The Dragonet Prophecy (Book One of Wings of Fire) by Tui Sutherland, and can't wait to dive into the rest of the series.
Caramel enjoyed reading The Dragonet Prophecy (Book One of Wings of Fire) by Tui Sutherland, and can’t wait to dive into the rest of the series.

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