Book bunnies are off for July!

Dearest readers, last year the book bunnies took off all of July to enjoy the summer. This summer there is much less traveling (or more generally just much less of summer fun) all around, but there is still something to be said for taking time off. So we decided to take the month of July off once again. We will be back with more book reviews in August!

Till then we leave you with one of our travel pictures from a while back. Enjoy!

Sprinkles, Marshmallow, and Caramel enjoying a beautiful beach.
Sprinkles, Marshmallow, and Caramel enjoying a beautiful beach.

P.S. For our US-based readers, happy Fourth of July! You might find Marshmallow’s review of BrainJuice American History: Fresh Squeezed! by Carol Diggory Shields of interest…

6 thoughts on “Book bunnies are off for July!”

  1. I’ll miss you and am looking forward to seeing you back in August dear Marshmallow and Caramel. Thank you for all that wonderful reading and briefing. Have a wonderful vacation with your mom and dad. Hugs:))

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    1. Thank you for reading our reviews! We are back already!

      The gray one is Sprinkles. She has only reviewed a few books so far, but she often interviews Caramel about the books he has read.


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